Hi, I’m Cedric Reeves. I teach meditation: one-on-one and in free online group classes, and retreats.

It’s important to find joy, ease and enthusiasm in the meditation practice. When enjoyment and enthusiasm get ingrained transformation starts unfolding more quickly and easily. I aim to guide the student in this direction.

I teach one-on-one meditation and coaching to students worldwide via video-call.

Rather than teach a single method, I have a wide variety of techniques that I can share adapted to the individual student’s needs, with a focus on pragmatism.

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I also host free weekly Online Courses and retreats on a variety of meditation methods.

These sessions include a short presentation, meditation instruction, a period of meditation, and a Q&A period.

Classes are recorded so you can download and review them as much as you like.

These group classes and retreats are offered for free.

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I am a Unified Mindfulness L2 certified coach, having practiced meditation for over 15 years.

I tailor my teaching to the needs of each student, informed by having studied and practiced a wide range of methods and paradigms.