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Hi, I’m Cedric Reeves. I teach meditation.

I teach one-on-one. Rather than teach a single method, I have a wide variety of techniques that I can share adapted to the individual student’s needs, with a focus on pragmatism.

I teach Vipassana, Self Inquiry, and Open Awareness style practice. I also emphasize the importance of building basic mental health in addition to deeper insight. Tong Len and Ideal Parent Figure Protocol (IPF) are what I emphasize.

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I also host frequent Online Courses and retreats on a variety of meditation methods.

Each Class of the online courses includes a short presentation, meditation instruction, a period of meditation, and a Q&A period.

Classes are recorded so you can download and review them as much as you like.

These group classes and retreats are offered on a donation basis.

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I am a certified Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach, and a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.

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