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Hi, I’m Cedric Reeves. I teach meditation.  I tend to emphasize the development of compassion and wisdom.  

Compassion is the wish that suffering diminish for self and other.  Said differently, compassion is what love does when it sees suffering.  As a result of cultivating compassion life becomes sweeter, and easier.  Psychic schisms relax.  Mental health improves.

Wisdom means perspective taking, the recognition that “experience is experience”.  We see how experience fabricated by mind.  I remind the student of this, and encourage the direct experience of this.  As we recognize this more and more a release happens.  Life is more flowing and open.  We still have the same problems but there is more space and understanding.  Internal pressure recedes.

In one-on-one session I am pragmatic.

I teach Vipassana, Self Inquiry, and Open Awareness style practice. These deepen wisdom.  I also emphasize the importance of heart practices that build up basic mental health. Tong Len and attachment repair meditation are what I emphasize to firm up on basic mental health.

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I also host frequent Online Courses and retreats on a variety of meditation methods.

Each Class of the online courses includes a short presentation, meditation instruction, a period of meditation, and a Q&A period.

Classes are recorded so you can download and review them as much as you like.

These group classes and retreats are offered on a donation basis.

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I am a certified Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach, and a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity.

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Since working together with Cedric I’ve experienced significant increase in my quality of life due to the very powerful insights using Cedric’s instructions. The pointing out instructions, especially, have brought about a seemingly permanent perceptual shift. As a result significant fraction of day-to-day suffering has fallen away.


I’ve had very good experiences with Cedric, both during his organized courses and in 1-on-1 talks. He’s had relevant training in multiple styles/traditions, making him very paradigm fluid. Due to this, you can have a very fruitful conversation no matter what your practice background.

He’s very engaged and attentive to the person’s he’s talking to – very interested in finding out where the student is at and then finding skillful pointers to give them.


Cedric is awesome! I followed one of his courses and learned a lot. He has a ton of experience and shares really useful tips you won’t hear from most teachers or find in books.

Most importantly, when you speak to him, you feel like he really listens to you.

Kahn S.

I go to church after class [online course with Cedric]. I wondered how the two would be, one after another. They have complemented each other. Today, it was so… I have no exact words.

You talked about loving kindness to ourselves, to others, and to the world. At church a visiting pastor came and spoke to the youth. He heads a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. He spoke to them (and the oldsters, too) about God loving us and everyone – the usual.

From that he smoothly transitioned into loving the world and used some of the same words you did when you were speaking about loving kindness. It was one of those moments for me where my brain tingled and the world around me stood still. Motivation for me to meditate from the universe.


I’d strongly suggest people interested in meditation to join Cedric’s classes. He’s the real deal. It’s rare to find someone of his caliber doing this for free.


I did his self enquiry class and loved it. Will be recommending this to my dad.