Basic Mindfulness
Four Weeks Online Course

This course has now finished

This course is for beginners. Send it to your friends and family who want to start at the ground level with mindfulness/Vipassana and Metta/Loving Kindness, and learn how start and maintain a daily practice.

The daily practice recommendation will be 30 minutes of formal practice.

If you are beyond the beginner stage you can still participate, and will still likely benefit.

There will be lots of space for discussion and questions about practice.

Cost: Free.

The Class will be recorded. But they won’t be available until after the course is done.


Wk. 1 Introduction to Basic Mindfulness

See, Hear, Feel (SHF) technique, rewards & benefits of mindfulness

Practice Homework

•	30 min. daily sitting: See, Hear, Feel technique

Wk. 2 Mindfulness in Daily Life

See, Hear, Feel techniques, practice in daily life

Practice Homework

•	30 min. daily sitting: See, Hear, Feel technique

•	10-20 min. daily practice in action using  SHF techniques:

•	micro-hits 

•	background practice

•	formal practice (outside of the sitting posture) 

Wk. 3 Loving Kindness Meditation & Applying Mindfulness and Loving Kindness to Inner Opportunities and Obstacles

Learn Loving Kindness Meditation & practice strategies to work with pleasant & unpleasant experience and to accelerate growth through practice

Practice Homework

•	30 min. daily sitting: Metta Meditation technique

•	10 min. daily applying mindfulness to a challenge or interest of your choice. 

•	Examples:

•	Unpleasant: stress in your day - Turn Away

•	Pleasant: silent room - Turn Toward

Wk. 4 Wrap Up – Your Road Map for further progress on the Path

The rhythm of practice: Life, Retreats, Getting Support, Giving Support, Question & Answer

•	Homework 30 mins a day of Loving Kindness practice

•	Six acts of conscious generosity (e.g. holding the door for someone, being more patient than usual with someone etc)


5 mins of meditation

5 mins brief review of the prior class (first class will be introductions instead)

20 mins practice questions relating to last weeks material (first class would be lecture instead)

15 mins lecture of new practice (See Hear Feel Vipassana, and Metta)

5 mins brief clarifications as to the technique

20 mins guided meditation for technique just discussed

20 mins follow up questions and homework assignment.

About the teacher:  Cedric Reeves

Practice background: Been meditating for 15 years, 7,500 hrs of formal meditation practice, over 300 days on silent meditation retreat. Traditions practiced in: Pragmatic Dharma/Mahasi style noting & Shinzen’s system, Zen, Advaita Vedanta, Goenka Vipassana, and Metta

Teaching background: took Unified Mindfulness Pathways Teacher training January-April 2019. Teaching one-on-one and group classes since then.

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