Imagination, Emotional Regulation, & Meditation
4 Week Online Workshop

Online Workshop – All Levels

This workshop is open to beginners and advanced meditators alike. We ask for a commitment of 45 minutes of daily practice with the techniques presented and there will be plenty of time for questions.

NOTE: This workshop is not a replacement for psychotherapy and we kindly ask that people who are currently dealing with substance addictions or are at increase risk of self-harm seek help from a qualified professional.

Cost: Free

Sundays May 24th to June 14th

Learning Objectives

This course will be an introduction to attachment theory, the psychology of emotional regulation, and the Three Pillars Model for attachment repair as set forth by Dr. Daniel P. Brown of Harvard University. We will focus primarily on the transformative potential of imagination, how imagery of attunement with other people can help us with difficult emotions and aid our meditation practice, discuss the foundations of secure attachment, and review the types of insecure attachment and how we can work with them. Other topics covered will be how to identify and create secure relationships and how to use skills like mentalization to improve our lives both on the cushion and off. Emphasis will be placed on helping students to creatively and personally connect with the material.

The main practice introduced will be the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol (IPF), created by Dr. Brown, which combines traditional Buddhist visualization practices with the latest advances in attachment repair. The IPF is a technique with almost limitless potential, letting us establish well-being in our daily lives while also supporting growth into the transpersonal levels of development as established by Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, etc. We will also present techniques for developing mentalization and using relationships to automatically control anxiety.

We will meet once a week for four weeks, and each session will last 90 minutes. Recordings will be made available to students so that they can practice the meditations in between classes.



  • 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time
  • 1:00pm Pacific
  • 10:00pm Europe



Week 1: Introduction to Emotional Regulation, Attunement, Ideal Parent Figure Protocol

– Workshop outline
– Introductions
– Introduction to the psychology and biology of emotional arousal and the value of emotional attunement
– Presentation of the attuned moment exercise, which can be quickly used to reduce anxiety
– Q&A
– What is attachment and why is it important?
– The transformative power of the imagination
– Introduction to the Three Pillars Model
– Guided Ideal Parent Figure Meditation
– Q&A

Week 2: Attachment, Relationships, and Continuing with Emotional Regulation

– Review of previous week and Q&A
– The seven-step scale of anxiety and psychic equivalence
– What is secure attachment and why it matters
– The nature of secure relationships
– Overview of the types of insecure attachment
– Guided Ideal Parent Figure Meditation
– Q&A

Week 3: Kinds of Insecure Attachment, How to Treat Them, Mentalization

– Review of previous week and Q&A
– Introduction to mentalization in meditation and relationships
– Presentation of mentalization-improving techniques
– Q&A
– Going in depth into types of insecure attachment and how to work with them
– Guided Ideal Parent Figure Meditation
– Q&A

Week 4: Relationships and Moving Beyond the Personal

– Review of previous week and Q&A
– Further review of secure and insecure attachment (this will be adapted to the needs of the students as the course progresses)
– The stages of human development from birth to the non-dual
– Using the Three Pillars model to find greater purpose and meaning in life
– Guided Ideal Parent Figure Meditation
– Q&A and conclusion



Teacher bio:

Evan Leed first learned to meditate at Zen Mountain Monastery nearly twenty years ago and has maintained an intensive daily practice for the last twelve years. His main practices include metta jhana, Mahasi-style noting, and Mahamudra.

He also has a deep interest in psychology and both Buddhist and continental philosophy, having studied these topics for thousands of hours in both formal and informal settings.

Since 2018, he has been studying attachment theory and meditation with George Haas of Mettagroup and has been authorized to teach Dr. Daniel P. Brown’s Three Pillars Model and the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol under George’s supervision.

Photo by Daniel Buckle

4 comments on “Imagination, Emotional Regulation, & Meditation
4 Week Online Workshop

  1. Hi I’ve just found out about this course but I am super interested infact I’ve been looking for it since I’ve discovered the amazing work of Dan Brown a while back.

    I know its long gone but is there any chance that I can access the recondings of the course?
    It will be of immense help.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello, and sorry for the late response. These recordings aren’t available. But, I’ll be giving a course on attachment repair and the Ideal Parent Figure protocol in November. So, sign up for the email list and you’ll get the invite for it. Thank you Alessio

    • says:

      Hi April, shortly after the 8-Week course ( finishes in mid March, we’ll start another round. You can stay up to date on that website.

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