Self Inquiry and Non-dual Practices
Four Week Online Course

This course has now finished

The course will be focused mostly on Self Inquiry and other related awareness and non-dual practices. We’ll discuss Shinzen’s Do Nothing, Just Sitting, open awareness. Also, we’ll cover Shinzen’s auto-move technique.

There will be lots of space for discussion and questions about practice.

Level: intermediate. It’s optimal if you’ve done at least 1000 hrs of formal practice and currently have a daily formal practice of at least 30 mins. and an ongoing daily-life, informal practice. If you don’t meet these requirements but still have a strong interest in self inquiry that’s fine, go ahead and sign up.

You’ll be expected to do that weeks meditation technique for at least 30 mins a day and lots of daily life practice.

Cost: Free.

Week 1 (December 8th):

The what, why, how, when, and pit-falls of Self Inquiry and other forms of inquiry.

Week 2 (December 15th)

Inquiry as a technique continued.

Week 3 (December 22nd)

Open awareness, just sitting, do-nothing.

Week 4 (December 29th)

Automaticity, spontaneity, no-self, the auto-move and auto-be technique.

Review and wrap up.


5 mins of meditation

5 mins brief review of the prior class (first class will be introductions instead)

20 mins practice questions relating to last weeks material

15 mins lecture of new practice (first Self-Inquiry, other forms of inquiry, Just Sitting, Auto-move etcetc)

5 mins brief clarifications as to the technique

20 mins guided meditation for technique just discussed

20 mins follow up questions and homework assignment.

About the teacher:  

Been meditating for 15 years, 7,000 hrs of formal meditation practice, over 300 days on silent meditation retreat. Traditions practiced in: Pragmatic Dharma/Mahasi style noting & Shinzen’s system, Zen, Advaita Vedanta, Goenka Vipassana, Metta, and increasingly the Tibetan tradition.

We’ll meet on Zoom. The class will last for 90 mins. The two time slots will have the same content and will be:

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