Modalities for Healing the Foundations of Psychological Health

General Psychological health helps meditation deepen quicker, and makes the meditative path much easier:

  • I offer IPF facilitation, you can book a free introductory session.
  •, Dr Brown shows the client how to heal the foundation of their psychology, namely their attachment conditioning. It costs $57 to take the course.  It’d likely be the best spent $57 of your life.
  • This is George Haas’s website. He was taught this same method by Dan Brown.
  • My friend Evan also offers one-on-one work with Dr. Brown’s Three Pillar approach for attachment repair, including the Ideal Parent Figure protocol. He is offering this work under the supervision of George Haas. Contact him here
  • To learn about the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol’s benefits listen to this interview with Dan Brown:

Methods and meditation advice:





Teacher Training:

Unified Mindfulness by Shinzen Young: