Heart Qualities and the Wisdom of Emptiness

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Four Weeks – Free Online Course

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn and practice the meditations of Friendliness (Metta), Joy, and Compassion. Furthermore, we will balance this with contemplation of Wisdom: “Don’t Know Mind”, Causality, Causelessness, and Emptiness, and the freedom that results. We’ll see how development of the heart qualities and wisdom mutually support each other and quicken the pace of transformation. There will be an emphasis on applying these practices and contemplation in daily life. This course is similar to the Brahma Viharas course I tought about 6 months ago. However, this time around the wisdom elements will be presented more strongly. This class is an intermediate course best suited for dedicated practitioners with at least a few hundred hours of meditation background. There will be a minimum 45 minute suggested daily meditation recommendation. Cost:  Free

Course Overview

Week 1 (Feb 13th):
Loving Kindness meditation (Metta)
  • Metta Meditation
  • rewards & benefits of heart-based practices
  • How wisdom contemplations compliments heart practices
  • Practice Homework: 45 min. daily sitting: Metta Meditation
Week 2 (Feb 25th):
Compassion Meditation (Karuna)
  • See, Hear, Feel techniques, practice in daily life
  • Practice Homework: 45 min. daily sitting: Compassion Meditation
Week 3 (Mar 3rd):
Joy at the Good Fortune of others (Mudita, Sympathetic Joy)
  • Practice Homework: 45 min: Mudita Meditation
Week 4 (Mar 10th):
Tong Len (the Tibetan Compassion Practice)
  • Practice Homework: 45 min: Tong Len Meditation


The class will be taught twice to reach people in different time zones. The content is the same.

1) USA Sunday Morning & Europe Sunday Evening Class:
  • In the US:
    • 11:00am Eastern Time Zone
    • 10:00am Central
    • 9:00am Mountain
    • 8:00 am Pacific
  • In Europe:
    • 17:00 (Central European Time (CET) which is UTC/GMT+1)
    • 16:00 (Western European Time (WET) which is UTC/GMT +0.)
2) USA Sunday Evening Class
  • 7:30pm Eastern
  • 6:30pm Central
  • 5:30pm Mountain
  • 4:30pm Pacific.

This course has finished

Photo by Ian Keefe

Hourly Schedule

Schedule Common to each 90 minute class

5 mins of meditation
5 mins brief review of the prior class (first class will be introductions instead)
20 mins practice questions relating to last weeks material (first class would be lecture instead)
15 mins lecture of new practice (Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Tong Len and wisdom contemplations as well)
5 mins brief clarifications as to the technique
20 mins guided meditation for technique just discussed
20 mins follow up questions and homework assignment.

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