Self-Inquiry Online Retreat with guided Yoga

This is a virtual retreat hosted on zoom.

The emphasis will be deepening the experience of emptiness.  Self-inquiry meditation instruction and practice and a talk on Nagarjuna’s Madhyamaka philosophy will support this aim.

  • Teacher:  Cedric Reeves
  • Cost:  Free
  • Date:  Saturday May 23rd 2020
  • Time: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EDT

Practice Technique

Self-Inquiry instruction for beginners will be taught in the morning (I’ll make a recording available here if you can’t attend the lecture).  It’s suggested that you practice self-inquiry on the retreat.  However you are welcome to practice a different form of meditation.  

Philosophical lecture

To support the aim of direct experience of emptiness I’ll give a lecture on Nagarjuna’s Madhyamaka philosophy.  This philosophy guides us into a realization of the insubstantiality of experience, and to the ‘view of no view’.

More info here:

Walking Meditation

Brief walking meditation instruction will be offered.  Most hours will consist of a 20 minute walking meditation session and a 40 minute seated meditation session.  Also self guided yoga can be done in lieu of walking meditation during those 20 minute periods.


I’ll guide a 40 minute session of Yoga.  The Yoga routine will be made up of two sequences.  The first is based on the “how to grow a lotus” sequence which is specifically designed to help with long meditation sitting.  The second sequence is Tibetan Sun Moon Yoga which supports deep meditative experience.

This retreat is an intermediate level retreat

The best result will be for meditators with at least 300 hours of meditation practice and with an established and on-going heart practice (Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Tong Len etc).  The reason for this requirement is that insights into no-self and emptiness can be disturbing.  Having an established heart practice helps assure a productive and balanced integration of these insights. However, as long as there is sincere interest, no one will be turned away.  No experience with self-inquiry is required. 

Partial attendance, coming and going, etc.

You can come and go whenever you like based on your availability and interest.  Full participation will yield the most powerful result, however.

The schedule and chanting will inspired by the Zen tradition.  

We’ll chant the Hakuin’s Song of Zazen at the beginning and end of the day.  At the beginning of each sit we’ll chant the Mantra “gate gate parasamgate bodhi svaha”.  Chanting is very powerful and strongly recommended.

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Photo by Yeshi Kangrang

Hourly Schedule

Opening notes & Chanting
Instruction on self-inquiry & walking meditation with Q&A*
Walking Meditation
Gentle Guided Yoga*
Seated Meditation with 10 min's of Q&A to clarify the technique
Walking Meditation
Seated Meditation
Walking Meditation
Lecture on Madhyimika & Guided emptiness meditation
Walking Meditation
Lunch Break
Walking Meditation
Seated Meditation
Walking Meditation
Seated Meditation
Walking Meditation
Seated Meditation
Walking Meditation - Break for a light dinner
Seated Meditation
Chanting & friendly discussion about practice

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